Civil War History

Civil War History Theme Cruise

It was a brutal and bloody war. One that pit brother against brother. One that has forever marked American History. One of the most rewarding ways to truly understand this conflict is by river - the highway of the 1800's - with a cruise on the mighty Mississippi. Taking visitors through time, and back to one of the most tumultuous eras in American history, with onboard lectures providing in-depth insight, and shoreside historical reenactments bringing the past to life right before your eyes in places such as Vicksburg, Chattanooga, or Shiloh National Military Park, a Civil War History themed cruise can do what no number of history books can!
            Inspiring and powerful, there will be tears shed and moments of silence. By the end, we can salute America with the new knowledge of all that had to happen for us to be living as we do today! From all along the Mississippi, guides and directors take their guests to the sites of some of the most influential moments in American history.

Along with entertainment and sightseeing tailored to Civil War history, you'll also enjoy delicious cuisine, with local specialties featured daily, and deluxe, upscale accommodations.

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