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Meandering 363 miles across New York State and linking Lake Erie to the Hudson River, the Erie Canal is widely considered one of the most significant accomplishments of American engineering. Enjoy the calm blue waters of this modern-day marvel and learn more about its important history aboard your cruise.

Opened in 1825, the canal is credited with making New York the busiest port in the U.S. during its heyday, stimulating business and trade in cities along the canal's banks. Today, cruises may include onboard musical performances, stops at the official Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse or wine tastings and shopping at waterfront communities. Itineraries might also spend time on the Hudson River.

Sailings with a "between locks" option let you disembark while waiting for some of the canal's 35 locks to raise or lower your ship. And in your downtime, climb on deck and admire the variety of lush waterscape, passing through lakes or beneath low bridges, watching shores and skies dotted with geese and great blue herons.

These cruises offer exceptional value for your dollar and are easy to budget, as your stateroom and onboard meals are included in the rate that you pay up front.

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